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Womb & Breast Meditation Massage

Open your body and connect to your center. This 15-minute video contains exercises that are part of my personal practice to enhance digestion, elimination, and reproduction.

You will feel peaceful, grounded, and light after completion.


You may complete this video whenever you feel to do so. It may be particularly helpful as part of a morning/evening ritual, in preparation for an event, or to realign yourself.

This transmission is imbued with intention and love. The voiceover is set to a professionally recorded binaural beats track to enhance relaxation and thus integration of these light codes.


After clicking the Buy button, you will be prompted to create a log in.

After doing so, you may return to this page to play the video whenever you wish.


**This video suggests compression exercises for the womb space. Women who are pregnant should follow their intuition and perhaps consult their healthcare provider before completing this video.** 

Womb and Breast Meditation Massage
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