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Split On It

Most people do not know how good and free our bodies are designed to feel.

If you are reading this, it is because you are ready to expand.

Train with me to experience body freedom.

Develop world-class hip flexibility + strength, aka mobility.

In these classes, I teach many of the exact drills I used to get my splits through working with my contortion coach, Gunnar Field. 

*I do not cover every drill that has helped me in just four hours worth of classes.

That is many, many hours worth of content. But this is an excellent foundation.*

Lifetime access for $88

In purchasing this package, you gain access to a series of four 60-minute classes that I delivered live and recorded via Zoom in April 2022. And let me tell you -- they are super fun. You get to hear me giving adjustments and modifications to class participants in real time.

This series is for all levels. Please be aware that you will need to significantly modify some of the drills if you are not within 6 inches of a flat split in at least one direction, or if your hands cannot yet touch the floor in a standing forward fold.

Pay attention to the structure of class and you will unlock a cellular understanding of how to train your hips.

You will see and feel immediate results. Do these classes on a regular basis and watch your body transform.


- Two yoga blocks

- Approximately two feet of open wall space (a solid door or vertical beam will work as well)

- Yoga mat

Are you ready to say goodbye to lower back and knee pain? Let's goooo!

*In purchasing this package, you acknowledge that you are responsible for knowing and honoring your limits. Physical training requires discernment; pushing past your limits without discernment may result in injury.*

After purchase, you will be given a password to access the videos.

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