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I currently offer:

- Beginning contortion privates (single class, $75 per 1 hour)

- Beginning contortion private packages (4-8 classes, $75 per 1 hour)

- Sensual movement privates (single class, $111 per 75 min)

I have trained Mongolian contortion exclusively with Gunnar Field since November 2019. My personal training and teaching style has adopted Gunnar's elements of gymnastics and ballet, in addition to classic Mongolian contortion. I also blend my own years of tumbling, weight lifting, intuitive somatic release, and yin yoga into how I interact with each student's body. 

Sensual movement is a bioenergetic liberation, a heart and womb opener and unifier. Each session is unique and tailored to the client. I will begin by feeling into your field and following the emergent pieces. Often, sessions include some form of verbal sharing, sexy stretching, self-massage, mirror work, eye gaze, elements of floor play and belly dance, and both subtle and direct keys to embodying your radiance. This is a womb-to-womb transmission and activation. Specific requests, such as twerking, or preparing a special performance for a special someone, are welcome! We can play with all of these threads. You will be provided with more details on preparation for the session in your confirmation email upon booking.

All bookings and payments can made through my Book Me page. Link is below.

Please use the contact form on my About page to inquire about anything else I am trained in, including Emotional Freedom Technqiue (EFT, aka tapping), Dolphin Dance, or hosting workshops.

It takes faith to go deep. God willing, the right connections arise. Mahalo ke akua!


What Clients Are Saying

My session with Emi was incredibly powerful and healing for me. I have followed her for years wishing I could move the way she does, so I was SO excited to work with her because I don’t dance, but have been wanting to. I was ready to allow myself to be sexy and embodied but needed a little guidance. Emi made me feel INCREDIBLY safe and so very seen. I was mostly in my head but, the tiny moments I did drop into my body, she would encourage and hype me up. She was so attentive and present. Her energy is nurturing, fun, and sexy all at once lol. I also expressed that I wanted to dance for my bf for the first time ever and she remembered that! And guided me through some movements which I didn’t expect at all for our first session! Emi also provided me with insightful embodiment tips besides the physical movement of it all. Emi’s own embodiment really gave me the “permission” I needed. She truly activated & awakened my own sensuality, and this is just after one session!


I have been trying to coregulate with [partner] and it has been amazing! Before we had a really good sex life and I really don't know how we could possibly level up but we diddddd... I owe you all the good energy for bringing endless climaxes.


36 years old and WAY too much in my head. My body was yelling for harmony between my mind and my physical presence. I’m a human who has experienced sexual abuse, a church that made me feel shame for being a woman and a life long self confidence problem. When I saw Emi was offering a class in sensual movement it jumped off my phone screen at me. YOU need this. It’s obvious when I see the connection Emi has with her body..She LOVES herself. I want to love myself as much as I see Emi love herself, which is why I signed up for her class.

The first class she was extremely sensitive to all of my wounds and reservations. It was gentle, compassionate and liberating. Floor work with much needed stretching. While giving myself a stomach massage during our session, I started to cry. The feeling of my own self love, the uniting of body and spirit was palpable. Something release, unlocked and shifted. Emi embraced me via Zoom and just encouraged me to let it all go. Lots of tears followed. While I know everyone has different reasons for booking a class like this. I wanted to share my experience for anyone who feels out of touch with their sexuality or sensuality. Thank you Emi for sharing your vibrant, loving, joyful being with all of us. You helped me evolve more than you know and the ripple effects are still in full motion.


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