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My name is Emi. I am a Lover of Life. I live on Big Island, Hawai'i. I love this stock photo!


The following list of interests and doings is not nearly the sum of what I am. I have a lot of trouble with these things. But I will provide it anyway, in case it is helpful. (I have an exalted Mercury in Aquarius, with Aquarius Sun in third house of Communication.)

I love to write. I am finishing a couple of children's books, as well as my own book (a collection of personal vignettes and musings). Occasionally I send beautiful emails to my lovely MailChimp listserv. So official.

My body has been my greatest vehicle for personal evolution, and what many people know as "Emi." Contortion. Yoga. Archery. Personal dance parties. Sensual movement. Ecstatic dance. Bodyweight and gym workouts. Rest. Mirror work.

I love to spend time in nature. Exploring tide pools. Rock climbing. Traipsing over lava. Womb breathing. Singing to the spirits. Gridding the land. Toughening and sensitizing my feet.

I am learning how to be in right relation with my soul, and with God. A relationship based in humility.

Despite moving cross-country 12 times before the end of high school, I almost exclusively attended the University of Washington for all my years of higher level education. And, like most others, I managed to leave the ivory tower not knowing anything about trauma or codependency or people pleasing, or how to heal. I graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Spanish and minor in Chinese, with Interdisciplinary Honors. I taught English in Taiwan on a Fulbright grant from 2014 to 2015. I went back to school for a post-bac and graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Speech and Hearing Sciences. I finished my master's in 2019, with an M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology.


I spent two formative years working as a speech therapist in Mukilteo School District from 2019 to 2021, serving elementary school children.

I speak Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, and English. I read and write all of these languages with varied levels of proficiency.

I have been training Mongolian contortion in weekly privates and group lessons with Gunnar Field since November 2019. My first large-scale performance is at Hilo Palace Theater in December 2022. A children's Christmas magic show! How exciting. It is open to the public, so perhaps I will see you there.

I am a yogi trained in the Bikram and Ghosh (84) lineages. Bikram since 2015, and Ghosh (84) since 2016, primarily under the tutelage of Whitney McCormick and Jordan Lydia Verla. I have taken privates and/or workshops with Kim Tang, Brandy Lyn, and Zeb Homison. Other influential yoga teachers include Adam Pearlstein, Yu Wang, and Morgan Zion. I have a 50-hour yin yoga teacher certification from Jordan Lydia Verla and Audrey Celeste Benton. 

I have studied Dolphin Dance with Lilia Cangemi since January 2022. Dolphin Dance is a powerful modality of aquatic bodywork and quantum healing. Sessions are given in body-temperature water. I have accumulated 100 hours of training and I am currently in the apprentice stage, which includes completing practice sessions with written feedback.

In another life, I was a bodybuilder and personal trainer. And a cat. Shoutout to anyone who remembers the Benching Beauties.


I am everything 

and nothing.

A devoted child of God.

Just another human

with her flaws and fears and addictions...

with her softness and instant harmonizing power...

with her priestesshood,

with her peasantry,

with her nonsense,

with her love.

Perhaps we shall walk together for a bit. And if not, all is well. In the flow. Peace and blessings upon your journey.

With gratitude, to my teachers:

Mama, Papa, and my sister Yumi

My ancestors

The Land, Sea, and Sky

Hajera Ahmed

Jordan Lydia Verla

Gunnar Field

Whitney McCormick

Adam Pearlstein

Kim Tang

Morgan Zion

Jewels Castellano

Hope Akasha

Genevieve Jin

The man at the beach

and many others

Thank you.

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